Where There's a Need

Where Theres a Need... a small charity led by a family run business Jott Europe Ltd who give their own time to make sure every donation and every gift reaches the orphan children and poor families of Bulgaria.

Our vision...

We provide Clothing, Toys, Education, Recreation, Hope, Love and other resources to the many orphan children, elderly and very poor of Bulgaria.

Children Worldwide…

There are two - very different - estimates for the number of orphans worldwide. UNICEF estimates the number of orphans at approximately 153 million in 2015. On the other hand, TheWeekly.com estimates approx. 13 million. As a compromise, let's proceed with an estimate of 100 million orphans worldwide.

Where There's a Need
43 Wharncliffe Ave
S35 0DY

Tel: +44 (0)1142 463601
Mobile +44 (0)7720 748809
Email: info@wheretheresaneed.co.uk


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Where There's A Need - Making Widows and Under Privileged Children's Life's Better Since 2008